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Frequently Asked Questions in Salisbury, Maryland

Q: Why should I hire a Wedding Planner?
A: Most couples these days are working professionals and are simply too busy to plan a wedding with it's many details. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful when you do not have the time that is needed to put into it. Your wedding is such an important – and expensive – event in your life: it makes sense to hire a professional to assist you during the process. We have all of the relationships, and work with only the best wedding professionals, so you can rest assured that every member of your wedding team will be giving 100% to make your wedding fantastic. And best of all – having a Wedding Planner means that you (AND your friends and family) can relax and enjoy all of the amazing experiences and emotions that come on your wedding day without being stressed. There are a million other reasons, but chances are, if you're reading this, you already know why you need a Wedding Planner!
Q: When is the best time to select a Wedding Planner?
A: Let me answer your question with a question, ” How long do you want to stress over planning your wedding?” The answer to that will dictate the urgency in which you will want to consider when hiring a Wedding Planner. We recommend that you hire your Planner as soon as you get engaged, and before you select your venue or vendors. However, we have been hired by couples that already had their venue and selected their vendors. So, it's really never too late or too early.
Q: I am concerned about being involved with the planning process and losing my vision in the process. Can I still hire a Planner and be involved?
A: Absolutely!! Our best weddings are designed with your vision, style and personality in mind. This is YOUR wedding and having your input is absolutely critical to the overall outcome. In fact, we want you to get excited about planning your special day, it is solely up to you what you want your level of involvement to be. Our role is to execute the vision you have for your wedding and provide insight and feedback along the way to make the process smooth.
Q: How can Virtue make my wedding one of a kind?
A: What! You sure you don't want a cookie cutter wedding? Of course not! Virtue specializes in creating events that are reflective of your personal brand, style and vision. All of our weddings are tailored towards that particular couple, their personality, and most importantly their love for each other.
Q: I want to hire Delmarvalous Occasions for my wedding, what do “I Do”?
A: Yay!! Well head to our contact page and fill it out so that we can schedule your initial client consultation and start your Wedding Planning experience!